Meditation Increases Stress

The practice of meditation has long been touted as a remedy to reduce stress in your life. A quick fix, non medication remedy for all that mentally ails you.

Well there are a few snags with this thought process. Meditation is not a quick fix remedy for anything and secondly it does not reduce stress. Rather it gives you the ability to be insightful and understanding so that we can deal with stress better.

Many practitioners will tell you that their meditation is not working. People find themselves increasingly frustrated and angry, even after long sessions. They are irked at the slightest remark, criticism or hindrance. This is a result of people expecting meditation to fix everything pronto.

What meditation does is it increases your awareness. You are more susceptible to what goes on and what is said around you. You become highly sensitized, your feelings and emotions are on overdrive.

This is a natural phenomenon for beginning and intermediate practitioners. What happens is through the act of insight meditation , you give rise to all the emotional baggage that is pent up within you.

When someone pulls your strings, agitates you or you find yourself in a stressful situation, these emotions blast out. You automatically cannot hold back.

The practice of meditation is flushing these negative emotions out of your body, emotions that are deep rooted, sometimes very traumatic.

This is absolutely necessary in order to progress to the next stage of awareness. You have to rid yourself of the old you, both inside and out. Once cleansed then the true effects of your meditative practice begin to manifest.

These will be in the form of the benefits you have come to expect from meditation such as patience, tolerance, love, understanding, intelligence, critical thought, innovation, adoration for friends, colleagues and family…the list is endless.

So don’t worry if your meditation results in you being more a more stressed out, frustrated and angry person. This is a short term reaction to your changing physiology through the practice.

You have to flush out all the toxins to be rejuvenated. So accept it wholeheartedly knowing full well that your meditation is indeed working.


3 Responses to Meditation Increases Stress

  1. Hi,
    Your point is poignant, clearing basic misconception about relationship between meditation and stress management. I think relief from stress should not be the goal of meditation. Rather one meditates to reach transcendent realms through deliverance.We need deliverance for so much falsehood surround us in this world. Well done.

  2. I like your blog. You offer no-nonsense practical tips on practicing spirituality in a virtual world that gives us information overload. Not just another spiritual blog, but evidence that you actually live what you share. Thanks.

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