Prolonged meditation practice has proven to be an highly effective pain killer and you don’t have to ingest anything.

Here are 3 simple facts why meditation helps the body subside pain – either from trauma or disease.


Meditation reduces brain activity and achieves pin-point focus. What this does is it essentially nullifies the pain receptors in the brain that signal painful stimuli to your body.


It activates parts of your brain that are associated with positive stimuli, which in turn relate to an innate inner confidence that you know will help you overcome any mental or physical pain that you are undergoing, and eventually make it subside.


Meditation increases brain activity tenfold or more, which means that it is not just relegated to reducing specific areas of pain in your body, but affects the whole body.So, for example if you have lower back pain and knee pain, prolonged meditation will attack both these ailments, not just from pain but also give you the maturity and confidence needed to help cure these ailments forever.

Meditation gives you the option to say no to pills. No – its not an instant fix, but the effects and benefits accrued overtime overshadow anything that comes from a pharmaceutical lab.




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  1. Great article, very unusual :)

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