There is the old cliché’ that the “truth” is within you. Ok – what the heck does that mean? If I were to close my eyes and dig into the recesses of my mind all I find are frustration, stress , anxiety – y’know, the stuff we deal with every day.

We are all looking for a way out of these emotions – life is a constant struggle of fighting bad experiences and seeking good, pleasurable and happy ones. We have come to justify that the “truth” lies in those happy experiences. We find ourselves going to the ends of the earth chasing such experiences.

Now these can be entirely subjective – from donning the yellow monks robe, to sailing the world, and in extreme cases starting wars and revolutions.

The point is whatever path we are on, it’s all in the seeking of “truth.” We chose our religions and identities based on this search. We feel that what we chose or were born into is the ideal path. Someday all our questions are going to be answered – and if not, we will go out searching for them.

We have all asked ourselves some deep questions  and seem unsatisfied with the answers we get. That’s why we continue to seek – a new religion, a new guru, a new idea, a new identity…..

One thing I am sure of is that we will never realize the “truth” being so restless. It amazes me how much we look over our shoulders to see if “those people have it better.” Let me tell you that they are looking in your direction and thinking the same thing.

Whatever path we have decided to go on there is no guarantee we will find the spiritual answers we seek. However the majority of these paths will make you a better individual. All religions profess self-improvement, and there are many amazing teachers with much to learn from.  Like this guyand him…oh yes and her.

Contentment is one of the rarest qualities one can harness. It tells you that you are happy in your chosen path. Intrinsically being content carries with it an air of self-confidence and self-assuredness. You stay within that energy and attract a host of wonderful experiences to your life.

If you go out seeking and jumping from one practice to another, it subtly tells your mind that you are not confident in what you are doing, you are restless and nervous. You dissipate your energy and good experiences will avoid you because you have conditioned yourself to be intrinsically insecure and unable handle positive changes.

In your search for “truth” – find a wholesome practice (it could be rain-dancing for all that matters) and stick to it.

Will you become spiritually aware? Sure.

Will your grow as a person?  Of course.

Will you be a positive influence to you, your friends and family? Why not!

Will you find the answers to all of life’s burning questions? Why does it matter?


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